Simple Steps for Picking the Right Garage Door

One great tip for proper car maintenance is investing on a garage door. Apart from protecting your car parts from wearing out easily, a garage door with an astounding design adds extra space for storage as well as a great look to your home. However, before you settle on a decision to install a particular type of a garage door, you must consider several factors simply because, not all will meet your needs. Just like choosing any home appliance, choosing a garage door requires you to consider several factors.

Most of the time it depends on what you are planning to do with it. For example, if you are going to use it to park your car as well as to store some stuff, then you might not benefit from a regular garage door designed for a homeowner who just need it to park his or her car. Think about, the style, price, material used, R-values, structure and lastly, curb appeal that suits your need. When choosing a garage door, you will come across the cheapest basic garage doors and the most expensive customized and highly sophisticated wood carriage doors.

The prices fall within $330 to $11,000. If you do a little research, you will also realize that the prices differ depending on the location and based on standard door openings having a headroom measuring, at least, 12-inch. Prices also depend on the type of springs, tracks; vinyl stops and heavy duty hardware used. If you are just replacing an old door and not installing a new one, a price will be quoted as per the services offered. If you are doing this for the first time, it is vital to conduct some little research and the best way to do this is to inquire from the garage contractor you choose to hire. To save yourself some trouble, here are some of the vital steps you must follow to ensure you have the right type of garage door.

Choosing a Perfect Garage Door

  1. Finding the Right Door Size
  2. Before you go out looking for a door, you must know the exact measurements of your garage door opening simply because not all doors will perfectly fit in there. To do this successfully, you have to get both the horizontal as well as vertical measurements. You can then take the measurements to a garage door contractor and order the best fit. However, you must always keep in mind that doors with non-standard measurements are always priced higher.

  3. Add Style to your Home
  4. Never forget that the type of garage door you choose will add some look to your home. Most of the time garage doors become quite clear when someone approaches your home simply because they are located in a place you can easily access and park your car. So, the best way to ensure that what you choose brings the good look to your home, it is vital to go for something with extra admirable features. You can choose garage doors with astoundingly designed window panels, windows with double panels and more.

  5. Choosing Garage Door Panel Style
  6. One great feature to look for when choosing a garage door that will perfectly match your home’s surrounding is the type of panel design the door has. If you are lucky enough to find slightly textured flush panels that bring out the good look to your home. If you are looking for something elegant, you can choose long raised panels. However, if your home resembles a Victorian style, then you might want to spend on short raised panels. You can also paint or trim your panels depending on the look you find pleasing.

  7. Consider the Type of Construction
  8. If you are looking for something that will last you a lifetime, then it is vital that you keenly revise its construction before you make a decision. If you go looking for a garage door, you will probably come across wood or steel doors. If your home is excessively decorated then, a garage door made of wood will make a better choice. There are more than enough wood types you can choose from. Depending on what you find remarkable, choose either paint or stain grade wood doors.

  9. Does it Fit your Budget
  10. Price plays a major role in your choosing. So, it is always important that you determine the amount you are willing to spend on the garage door you are looking for before you go out looking for one. Most of the time, price vary depending on the materials used. However, it isn’t advisable to go for something much cheaper just because you can save yourself a few dollars. If you are looking for something much cheaper, it is likely that steel doors will fit your budget simply because they are much less expensive. Steel door price also varies depending on the type you choose that include, single layer, double layer and lastly tripled layer door. Choose what best fit your budget, but always remember that features, performance and construction matter a lot.

  11. How are you Planning to Use it?

As mentioned earlier in the article, a garage door may serve various purposes. There are those who will use a garage for many purposes that include letting their children play, store their extra machines and stuff, laundry rooms, workshops, living room extensions and more. Don’t forget that it is still a parking spot for your car, meaning that whatever you choose to put in it, must go with it. For example, when you are planning to use it as a living room extension, then it is vital that you consider investing on a door having an R-factor.

Additional Tip

When you decide that your garage door will also function as a living room extension then it is vital to focus on the insulating quality. For moderate climates, an R-value of 3 and above will do and for colder climate R-factor of approximately ten will work. You should also focus on the weather seals that are either mated to the door panels or exist as a gasket material. For better insulation, it is vital that you go for a bottom seal. You can also ask your contractor to install one if it is not there.

Always remember that you can still find a perfect garage door at a low price to fit your budget. For these types of doors, you won’t find extra accessories and panel designs meant to please. For example, you can go for steel doors having no insulation or even windows. If you are more of fashion minded, you can go for the mid-priced garage door that is often semi-custom. You can also choose from the various designs, glass inserts and panel styles on the market

In summary, choosing a garage door isn’t easier especially for a person doing it for the first time. They differ in styles, price and most importantly performance, meaning that you can’t just go around picking anything and hope to get the best out of it. A good garage door should bring a good look to your home environment, not destroy it. It is, therefore, vital to consider several factors other than price. You must also be able to decide the type of construction, design and most importantly a size that suits your needs.

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