2018 garage door repair costs in dallas texas

2018 Garage Door Repair Costs in Dallas

The best way to know what is in store for 2018 is to look back to 2017. The costs in the garage door industry are not likely to change too much yet. As ordered by President Trump, there is about to be a new tariff on foreign steel and aluminum which over time may protect American jobs while probably creating costs that are passed down to you, the consumer. However, until that day comes, we can estimate with a degree of certainty that 2018 will look a lot like 2017 for Dallas, Texas garage door repair and installation services!

If you are searching for ballpark estimates of various garage door repair and installation jobs, please stick around. Today’s blog posts will be very relevant to your interests!

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost?

  • $500+ Upper-End
  • $200+ Average
  • $75+ Lower-End

This year, many garage door services industry experts expect garage door repair prices to either remain stable or increase very slightly over 2017’s prices. No matter what garage door repair in Dallas, Texas costs, this aspect of the home is so important that it is always important to have a trained, licensed, and insured professional perform the task. The garage door is the largest access point to your home, and it is the largest moving object as well, so it is a matter of safety that you cut no corners when maintaining it. The good news is that the average garage door repair services needed tend to be around two hundred dollars. It is never fun to have to part with a couple hundred bucks, but it won’t break the bank for most families since garage door troubles do not happen every year. You may go several years before you ever have to spend another dime on your garage door.

Types of Garage Door

The type of garage door you own will impact the price considerably. The run of the mill metal garage doors are the cheapest to service. Custom doors may take more money to find or craft parts that are compatible replacements, and wooden doors tend to be the most expensive to fix.

Fixing the Garage Door Pulley System

The garage door pulley parts are actually not very expensive. They can be had for the price of a six pack of beer in some cases. Just note that to get someone to come out to your home, you are going to have to at least pay a service fee. This service fee may bump the price up an extra $25 to $50. The average pulley repair is usually a hundred bucks. You can go cheaper but as stated earlier, it is not a great idea to always buy the absolute cheapest parts.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Dallas residents can expect to pay an average of about $350 for a torsion spring replacement job. The torsion springs can be sold on the internet for prices ranging between $40 and over a hundred a piece while extension springs come in at less than $30 in most cases. Some torsion spring dealers refuse to deal with the general public and will only sell their springs to professional garage door repair technicians. This can be just one more roadblock to the homeowner saving money. Still, for safety’s sake it is smart to just let the pros handle this one. One bad move with a tightly wound torsion spring can not only hurt but actually kill someone.

Even though we all want to save money, if your garage door has a two-spring configuration, always change both springs at the same time. Garage door springs only have so many cycles they can handle in their lifetime, so don’t push it. You will just end up being inconvenienced later and still out the money.

Garage Door Panel Replacement & Repair

Replacing a garage door panel in 2017 cost a minimum of $155 on average. This is not a cheap procedure, but then again, garage doors in general are not cheap. Replacing a panel is a great savings when you consider that. The high-end Dallas, TX garage door panel replacement job will run you almost $700, but that is probably for wood and other custom garage door types. Thankfully, the average panel replacement is closer to $400. So how do you end up needing to spend this money? Well, the most common damage to garage door panels is some accident caused by the resident of the home. It makes sense; we are all tired and busy. We don’t get the ability to rest when we really need it, so we are either heading out to take care of business or coming back after taking care of business and when tired, we get clumsy.

If the garage door is out of production, finding a perfect match among available panels may not be possible. Also, if there is no skilled craftsman on hand who can modify a panel to match your garage door, the only option is to replace the entire door. Considering rare panels, premium panels, or panels that had to be customized are going to cost a lot of money, there is a certain point where getting a new door is altogether the better option.

Depending on the type of panel, type of damage, or the location of the damage, garage door panel repair could be a winner. A small hole, dent, scratch, rust, or crack can be dealt with at minimal cost. Most garage door panel repair should cost less than $200. This cost should be weighted against the cost of simply replacing the panel.

  • $135 steel
  • $195 wood
  • $155 fiberglass
  • $175 aluminum

Garage Door Opener Installation or Repair

So, in 2017, a garage door opener repair job tended to cost around $200 on average. Unique automatic openers took up to $500 to fix, and some simply needed a small part or tune-up for $50 at the lower end. First, it is very important to make sure you have the right kind of opener for your door. Openers have weight limits to them. If you choose the right opener and have it installed properly, you can avoid many garage door opener repair problems.

So, if your goal is to save money, you really need to focus on prevention when it comes to garage door openers. Maintenance will prevent you from having to do more repairs than necessary. Reducing the workload of a garage door is key. You can accomplish that by making sure the door can move freely with as little friction as possible. Greasing and cleaning and just generally performing maintenance of the garage door tracks is a good thing to do.

Before any work is done on a garage door opener, all the easy stuff should be eliminated as problems. Making sure there are fresh batteries in your remote and making sure the wiring of the opener is still in good condition will do just that.

Garage Door Replacement

In 2017, the average garage door replacement would run you about $850. At the very low end of the market, you could get a new door without labor for a little over $600. A higher end garage door product could run you over $1000 (really, we see a lot of $2000 and $3000 custom doors for the higher end).

So what is the total garage door cost? You can spend just a couple hundred bucks if quality is of no concern to you. The better the material, the higher the cost of the garage door. We really do not advise most people trying to just buy the door and save on Dallas garage door installation. This is a dangerous task if you are not trained well. The garage door may be very heavy and can do some damage if it falls on someone.

In many locales, it will make sense to add insulation to the garage door. This can lower your electricity bills since the un-insulated garage door may serve as a massive conduit for temperature changes. It also has the added benefit of increasing the sound dampening effect. If you plan to spend lots of time in your garage, using high quality insulation is the way to go. The garage door insulation will be made of either polystyrene or polyurethane panels. This will add to the weight of the garage door slightly.
If you opt for a garage door installation service, many of the major companies will remove the old garage door for free. Others may charge a fee of approximately $25.

Garage Door Safety

Garage doors have come a long way. Even the most economical ones include some very nifty and important safety features that used to be premium years ago. You can pretty much take these for granted, but still be careful that you don’t pick an extremely substandard door that is missing these vital features:

Pinch Resistance – The very shape of the garage door panels will tend to push obstructions out and away instead of trapping and pinching them. This feature has probably saved thousands of fingers over the years…

Tamper Proof – They may not be 100% tamper proof, but these garage doors will do a good job making everyone a bit safer. This tamper resistance can be in several forms, including as a cable attachment that prevents its release while there is tension being applied, and as a cover plate that covers the latch.

Garage Door Installation

In 2017, it typically cost a thousand bucks to get a garage door installed by a professional. The upper end is $2000 on some of the most exclusive of residential properties. A single, small, lower end garage door install would only run you about $355. The most common price paid by American home owners in 2017 overall would be closer to $870.

Those of you who live in states where high wind damage is not a remote possibility may need to consider investing in hurricane-rated garage doors. For instance, a home owner in Florida near the coastal areas can get a garage door that is 350 pounds or higher and even a basic steel one can cost a grand. These are expensive and heavy doors, but they are reinforced so the wind won’t push them inward and average sized debris won’t penetrate when airborne.

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