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24/7 Dallas Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Unless you are building or improving a home, the garage door is not the kind of thing most people are thinking about unless something has gone wrong. If we did spend time thinking about our garage doors during the good times, a little preventative care would go a long way. Instead, most of us wait until the door won’t go up, won’t go down, has completely fallen, or looks like it is about too! Therefore, we wanted to discuss the importance of emergency garage door repair service in the Dallas, TX area.

The Role of Preventative Maintenance in Garage Door Ownership

Every part on your garage door has a life expectancy. Typically, this is rated by how many times the garage door can be moved up and down. One full cycle of movement is both up and down. One of the most volatile garage door parts, the spring, is often rated at about ten thousand cycles. Of course, you will want to be able to replace the garage door spring(s) before that very last cycle but not much sooner. Avoiding proper maintenance means reducing that life span considerably. If you do not make sure the garage door moves smoothly, is properly balanced, or is connected to the opener the right way, you could be hastening the spring’s demise. This ultimately leads to a failure, and when a garage door spring fails, it can be loud and potentially dangerous.

The Tune Up is Far Less Expensive than the Repair or Replacement

If the door comes off the hinges violently, it may damage the walls and the track of the garage door. An imbalanced door may bend at the center, damaging the panels. Heaven forbid the door falls off entirely and lands on a vehicle, a pet, or even one of your children. The cost could be impossible to recover from. Therefore, you should contact us ASAP and inquire about our tune up and inspection service. This is the low-cost way to make sure you can trust your garage door.

Here for You in Your Time of Need

While preventing problems is always the best way to go about doing things. Sometimes things happen and we have to react. If your garage door is in trouble, do not hesitate to give us a call. Seriously, call Choice Garage Door – Dallas as soon as possible for emergency garage door services. We will do our best to get out your home or place of business the same day and we always take your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We hope you never need Dallas emergency garage door repair, but if you do, call (214) 989-4893!

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