Dallas Garage Door Spring Repair

broken-garage-door-springs-dallas-txThe main purpose of a torsion spring is to make garage doors easier to open and close by counterbalancing its weight. This system is derived from century-old technology and is still used in nearly every door to this date. Instead of being a part of the garage door opener, they are an important part of the door. The springs get their torque from when they are twisted and stretched. Get a free estimate when you call us today about your broken or damaged garage door spring. Your door will be running like new again after one of our technicians stop by.

How does a Torsion Spring Break?

The garage door spring has a very simple job to do and it does it well, but eventually the effect of weather changes combined with tension building and releasing every day will degrade the metal. One day, if you don’t change the spring out ahead of time, it will give you quite a dramatic break. In some cases, if a piece of the spring gets loose when it breaks, it can be very dangerous.

Even a brand new torsion spring can be a bit dangerous if you don’t practice safe handling with some knowledge. It really is a good idea to let the pros handle garage door spring replacement. Whether you have torsion springs or tension springs, you have to know a few things about your garage door before you replace them. The springs are rated for the weight of the door. Extension springs are in pairs so you can divide the weight among them. When you consider the cost of parts, specialized tools, and expertise, and time spent, having Choice Garage Door Dallas replace your springs for you just makes a lot more sense.

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Garage door spring replacement can lead to serious injury or damage if you aren’t trained to perform the task. During the process, there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Proper knowledge of garage door parts and mechanisms is required in order to ensure a safe and quality Dallas garage door spring repair. Garage door spring replacement is our specialty, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

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