Dallas TX Garage Door Opener Repair

1_2-hp-opener-dallas-txVery few household appliances endure as much wear and tear as a garage door opener. Generally, openers can last for years of constant function. Under intense use, however, they might break down. The good thing is that you might not need to replace the opener right away. This can be worked on by one of our expert specialists.

Our garage door technicians can service any make and model of garage door opener. We stock lots of parts so we will be able to handle most automatic opener situations the same day.

The garage door opener represents a safe, secure, and convenient home. They last about a decade, give or take a couple years, if you take care of them.

There are 3 primary types of garage door opener available on the market today, so chances are, if you have one, it is one of these:

  • Screw Drive – a threaded rod rotates so that the door can be raised or lowered. These are slower systems but they can lift very heavy doors, including the single panel tilt up kind.
  • Chain Drive – the most common and least expensive automatic opener. Powered by an electric motor, the chain moves the door. Fine device but they do produce a bit of noise.
  • Belt Drive – the smoothest and least noisey openers. They use a rubber belt that is surprisingly strong.

Garage Door Opener Installation Dallas

If you want a new garage door opener, Choice Garage Door Dallas has got you covered. We carry a fine selection of products from the best manufacturers in the industry; manufacturers like LiftMaster, Sears, Genie, and Chamberlain.

Garage door openers can certainly run into a variety of problems. The pulley mechanism might malfunction, the remote can stop working, the panels may need to be replaced, and the automatic opener might even have problems receiving power at times. Everyone of these difficulties are complications that a seasoned technician can repair at a low cost. If your garage door opener is having any of these problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Our services are not only limited to openers, our technicians can work on and repair any garage door part. Ask about our free estimates and lifetime warranties on our repairs.

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