Off Track Garage Door Dallas

sideways-or-off-track-garage-doorAn off-track garage door can result in accidents, loss of money, and just plain looking terrible. It is not shrewd to manipulate an off track door by hand or with the automated garage door opener. This can be very dangerous.

Factors behind Off-Track Doors

A common cause of garage door derailment is the breaking of one or both of the garage door cables. These cables assist to offset the weight of the door and steer it during its journey down and up the tracks. Garage door cables work decades if there is no harsh handling or improper garage door installation, therefore main reason for their damage is wear and tear.

Garage doors can get off-track owing to some other causes aside from cable damage. Sometimes your garage door may become loose from its tracks, due to a barrier, or from anything impacting it-hard. For instance, if you had mistakenly put your car into reverse when the garage door was still closed, the crash may cause the door to jar off its-tracks.

Choice Garage Doors Dallas to the Save

We highly recommend, for safety reasons, that you never try to fix an off track garage door alone. Instead, make sure to call Choice Garage Door Dallas as soon as you observe any flaws with your garage door or garage door tracks. All of our technicians are experienced and efficient in handling off track garage doors where the following steps are to be followed exactly:

  1. Establish the cause of derailed garage door such as any obvious damage to the tracks (bent, broken), faulty orientation of the tracks or their loosening from the garage walls.
  2. Readjust track and roller alignment, as needed.
  3. Clean the tracks of any garbage or buildup and lubricate with commercial grade oil.
  4. Final examination of the garage door to ensure there is not missing pieces.

With Choice Garage Door Dallas, you can get exceptional customer support, and all repairs will be finished at your convenience. A fully equipped truck will be dispatched to you to help any time of the day and any day of the week. We try our best to respond rapidly which is frequently within 24 hours!

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