Review of Olivella’s in Dallas

About Olivella’s Neo Pizza Napoletana

The Neo Pizza Napoletana restaurant by Olivella’s specializes in delivering tasty fast food dishes that include a range of pizza packages, tasty chicken, kebab, salad, sandwiches and a host of other grilled takeaway meals that are prepared by the finest pastry-cooks in Victory Park area. Restaurant owner and chef, Charlie Green, has a wealth of experience in preparing top-quality pizza dishes and has served innumerable customers over the years. The restaurant itself is located in a serene environment on Victory Park Lane and has ample parking space right across the street with fairly reasonable charging rates. The restaurant also doubles up as a bar (Slice bar) and has another entrance through Houston Street. Patios on both sides of the entrances make this pizza restaurant one of the best in this part of the country.

Signature Dishes

One of the popular pizzas at this restaurant is the Neo with mozzarella, tomato sauce and fresh basil. There are also varieties of antipasti, salads, entree salads, pastas and sandwiches that customers can easily choose from. The restaurant also boasts of having a range of pizza packages classified in splendid names such as The Dream, Della Carne, Della Casa and a few other customized options that one is likely to find tasty and satisfying. The details on these pizza dishes range from vegetarian, hot & spicy, Mexican and mighty meat. Half pizza, chicken burgers, cheese beef fish and fillet meals are also available for takeaway. Depending on your preference, you can get these Olivella’s pizzas prepared to be crunchy or soft at any given time. Just remember to ask the server to customize your pick in the best way you would like it. Drinks are also available at the bar; you can pick your favorite vodka or take your pizza with frozen soft drinks in the beautiful patios facing the Victory Park Lane that is always full of activity or the Houston Street that is less busy but still pleasant for a charming day out.

Food Prices

Olivella’s pizza prices vary depending on the type you pick and external factors such as inflation and other market forces. So the amount you paid for a Neo pizza at a particular time might be completely different the next time you return. The prizes of salads, sandwiches and drinks at the beautifully decorated Slice bar also vary depending on same issues.

Final Verdict

The Neo Pizza Napoletana restaurant by Olivella’s is a worthy place to visit if you are genuinely in need of tasty pizza options around Victory Park. Although the restaurant sometimes looks overcrowded, especially during peak hours, it is still a worthy place to visit for top-quality pizzas prepared by some of the best chefs you will ever meet. The staff at the restaurant is overly-friendly and provide helpful suggestions on the best pizza packages for a family, a couple or a lone customer. So, do not forget to ask for one or two ideas on how to best take your pizza when you visit this Olivella’s restaurant.

Can be found at:
2340 Victory Park Ln
Dallas, Texas 75219

between N Houston St and Victory Ave on High Market St

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